August 6:  Birthday celebrations are almost finished. There is just one more but it will happen toward the end of the year because, that's how it usually happens when work is abundant. I must say this 56th birthday is one for the books. We had a great show at the House of Jazz where I usually celebrate on the 1st Saturday of August, which also falls on International Blues Music Day. My stage hubbies were hot and right on, friends came out in droves, new friendships were made and even a French Media Icon came was there! But the best and most exciting news is that the 4th album is technically done! There will be 10 songs and we've made our choice. What's left? Well, it just to listen carefully to each song, make corrections or adjustments, get the final mix and then go to the printers. YES! This was a great birthday! As the song says, Life's Just That Good.
August 8: The light at the end of the tunnel is getting bigger. The 4th album is coming together. Final vocals coming up, day 2 of 3 for the band's video is done, album artwork has begun
August 11:  Recently, someone enumerated some of the things I do: acting, directing, dancing, singing, writing, radio show, producing, hair styling, corporate endeavors, volunteering, my personal life and the loves I have therein. In jest, they asked if there is something that they missed mentioning. I didn't know what to say except that when I get a burning desire to do something, I need to get it done because of is a deep-seated knot in me that tells me I am not doing enough; that it isn't good enough, that I have one life and on my last breath my wish is to have had no regrets. My time is manipulated in order to do what I do not have control over. These burning desires choose me and if I do not pay heed my spirit dies and not too long after my body will follow - ; -
August 19:  I can smell the end of Summer just around the corner. Day 3 of 3 for the band's video shoot is done, vocals for the album are on its last detailing and a short summer's end tour is coming up August 24-25-26. It's been a good season and I can't wait for the next adventures.