January 24: We started the 2nd week of the run. Is this a honeymoon or is this real?  Theatre critics have been giving the play great reviews, and giving my performance quite a few excellent comments. I can't take all the credit for it because of the great cast and crew that makes it happen...and then the directorship of the play. When the Playwright takes care of each character and their life experiences. When a Director takes their time to infuse the Playwright's careful studies. The play is bound to be a success. I am so grateful that the Playwright and Director is one and the same. I will eventually post the reviews but for now, here's a short video addressed to the critics who've reviewed the play click here >> Message to Toronto Critics

January 15: Monday. Day off. Time to do laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, catching up with some emails and to regroup. I am looking out at the view from the apartment and count my blessings. I am thinking; this wave I'm riding right now...not bad, not bad at all this business of making dreams come true - especially at the age I'm at. There were so many times I wanted to give up, but kept a good face and continued on even though I was crumbling inside. For every 100 "no" there are few "yes". For every door that is shut, there is another one open. For every group or clique that turns its back, there are my feet solid on the ground finding my own way. This is a good wave today. I hope you have one too.

January 14:  We did the first of 2 preview shows of Calpurnia. I cannot believe that I get paid to play. Paid to do what I want. Paid to interpret freely and in a safe environment someone else's words; and that those words are true. So true that certain parts of the character I play has a sprinkling of me.

January 10:  We're moving out of the rehearsal space and into the theatre! Here we go!!! I am so grateful to have this opportunity to work with top notch artists and crew. Audrey (the Director) has such a way about her that the process is organic (I never thought I would be one to use that word, ha!). She is able to take all the complexities that a person (character) has and boil it down to a real (and I mean REAL) performance.  I like that. You will like that. I know. Come see the play!

January 7: ...and we're off to a great start. I had started rehearsals for Calpurnia mid-December, temporarily moving to Toronto. Came back home to Montreal for an over-niter to close 2017 with my stage hubbies at the House of Jazz. It was a great gig! We heated up the house, got the people dancing in the aisles, hootin' and howlin' - it was bittersweet since I knew I had to leave the next day. Gosh Dangit! How I love to play the Blues with my stage hubbies! I miss them dearly. BUT, I am in Toronto thoroughly enjoying the creative process and rehearsals with Audrey. I cannot wait for you to come see the play on its feet!  In a time and place where we hear abuse of power within the ranks of the entertainment industry, here is one woman whose creative and rehearsal process is safe, clear and consented. THIS is professional Directorship. This is a most welcomed process especially since I've had the distasteful experience of working with the opposite (water under the bridge).  So, if you're in Toronto or if you want to see a well-written; well-thought out play come see Calpurnia click >> Tickets << You won't regret it.