March 10:  Yep, I hit the ground running alright! It was a great way to start the new year. January and February came and went but not without my savoring every second of it; Theatre work in Toronto, a new acting agent for Toronto gigs, the album finally getting done! Photoshoots are complete, the album artwork is in process, mastering is done, bids are in from the printers.

Auditions are done and rehearsals have started for Lakeshore Players Dorval. I tip my hat off to Lakeshore Players Dorval for choosing a play that is not within their usual range. It's a loaded subject - dark. Just like the plays I used to produce. One thing for sure, the audiences will be talking. I have a great cast, crew and stage manager. The actors are more than willing to surrender themselves to their characters within the boundaries I've set, thus, allowing themselves to make their choices on their characters' arch.

On the surface, those are the good things that are happening but inside of me, I haven't given myself time to mourn the closing of the play, Calpurnia. Usually there is a little time allotted so I can close the book on a project, but things have been going fast. Too fast.  As soon as I left Toronto, I immediately jumped into music gigs, writing, managing the albums' process (as there are 2 albums coming out), collaborating with Shun Kikuta on his upcoming album (him in Japan - me in Montreal), short acting gigs, photo shoots, and the direction of Rough Justice...

...and now, it hits me...the realization that I will be leaving Montreal - my home.
I inhale - more like a prolonged gasp that burns my lungs. There is a lot in my mind, quick flashes of the past, the things I have done, the things I will do and how I will manage. Keeping close to who and what is good, letting go of the rest.

Scared. But I've been here before.

I am on the verge - sitting on a ledge, letting my feet swing on top of what feels like an abyss; waiting for that moment when I know that I will stand up, take that deep inhale and leap.