June 28:  Film shoots, voice overs, the end of a tour, collaborations with a musician from Finland. I am tired but grateful. Grateful to have witnessed kindness. Grateful to have received kindness. These are tough times for me. I am losing a person that is close to my heart. Someone who was there when I needed it. This person has supported my work ever since I was 16 years old and now his time on earth is on its last hours, if not minutes. For his sake, I go on doing my art.

June 24: Nothing compares to the feeling you get when the audience truly appreciates the words that are sung, especially if the words were written from your own heart. I am so glad that I have kept on this difficult road singing my own words. So many times, I wanted to give up writing and perform someone else's words but then, suddenly a wave of appreciation comes from all sides and people reach out to let me know how my words touch them. It is comforting to know that I am walking on my own good path, without compromise.

June 9:  I just came back from a 2-day video shoot in the country side and deep woods. My body is riddled with bug bites, my legs are weak from walking on uneven ground. I am tired, but my face has received the sun. I am happy. Two intensive days of being in front of the camera with a Director and crew who did an amazing job.  There is one more day of the video shoot coming up. I am always amazed at how the creative process happens.  I cannot wait to show you the final product!  Then, bittersweetnes - coming home to find out that a dear, dear friend has finally passed away.  I say finally because she knew it was coming and faced is with the courage she has shown me throughout the years.  Leticia Bulotano was the Founder and Artistic Director of Filipiniana Folk Dance group. I was part of the first group of dancers. She was committed to the Filipino Folk Arts and gave it her all.  She taught me what perseverance was all about. I will miss her, the show must go on.

June 5:  I am late with the news but if you follow me on social media, mainly FB, you'll know WHAT! Unbelievable! I was napping and ignored my cell phone ringing. Guilt overcame me and it was Audrey Dwyer, my Calpurnia director, who left me a message congratulating me for an award. Award? What award? You mean a nomination, right? NO. An actual award for Best Supporting Actress given by the Toronto Theatre Critics! WHAT! Thank goodness my ventolin puffer was nearby. Ever since then, the wave got bigger. A foot in both Montreal & Toronto, waking up in the morning knowing that if my hubby was beside me I knew I was in Montreal. Projects lining up. Too much to tell...in due time, when I can breathe. When I am finished with the documentation of the new CD, when I am finished with film shoots and when I know better to just sit back and zen-out, I will tell you more.