February 2019 - My New Year

February 15: Facebook reminded me that February 2 is my "New Year Day"; my "turning point day", my "be grateful for all that I have day". I wanted to share this with you because you may be in the same place I was; 6 yrs ago, after producing Barry Mell's tribute at the Rialto, I had a long and painful healing period that sparked a huge change in me. I didn't know what was next for me but kept the faith (thanks to friends who had the patience during our coffee sessions). Just a little over 3 yrs ago the change bloomed, a lot more happened but here are some of the turning points; talks for me doing an online Blues-based radio show started, stepped up on stage at BB King in Memphis, connected with my stage hubbies (Jean-Francois, Ivan, Brandon & Oisín) to work on our 4th album "Sugat Ko". Then, 2 yrs ago with great folks in Toronto in an Etta James Tribute, 1 yr ago in a sold out run of the play Calpurnia produced by Nightwood Theatre/Sulong Theatre which brought me the award for Best Supporting Actress in a play by the Toronto Critics Award. The past 12 months have been a whirlwind, splitting my time between Montreal and Toronto, working in front of the camera, releasing the 1st official video from Sugat Ko, working on music's stages and writing songs with my music hubbies and wife (you know me, I do not discriminate), collaborating on songs with musicians from all over the world (Shun Kikuta, Sami Joensuu and others); looking forward to working on future plays (yes, in plural form), the release of a 5th album (already recorded and getting packaged), laying the foundation for the 6th album, getting connected with more amazing musicians, 2 great acting agents who, along with my my home 'n love hubby keep me in line so that I get to live my passion in theatre, Film, TV, Radio and music.