February 2017 - Rev Your Engines!

February 19: I can't believe how time flies. It's been 5 years since I stepped up on stage in Toronto's legendary Hugh's Room, thanks to the welcoming arms of Ross Robinson. I am so lucky to be part of his musical family. Ross has been understanding and through it all, I've forged friendships with excellent musicians across the country. I will always be grateful and will never forget your kindness and support, Ross.

More good news! Hugh's Room had reached their first objective in their crowdfunding efforts. There's a little more ways to go BUT I've heard that they are now re-instating some of the booked shows AND staff are being called back to service. Amazing what can be done when a community gets together. Please continue to be generous in keeping Live Music Live here is the link to the crowdfunding site >> Hugh's Room for the Performing Arts

February 1: Film shoots, photo shoots and voice overs are scheduled for the month of February. All hands are on deck with the new songs as recording sessions have started for my, yet un-named, 4th album. We've completed recording one song and are about to finish up on the second one. I am enjoying the creative process once again; seeing how a simple melody can transform into a complete soundscape. We've "leaked" a couple of the new songs during our gigs but I really cannot wait for you to hear the end result!

My radio show is doing great, click >> Unsung and On The Side.  With each broadcast, I get to chat with listeners from all over the world and collect their requests.  As well, there is now a continuous influx of indie music coming in to be discovered. A special note to the musicians, I do listen to all of the incoming music and thank you in advance for your patience because if your music fits the premise of the show, I will eventually spin your tune.

All this is interspersed with gigs, it’s going to be a busy month and I am quite grateful.

In other news, there’s a venue in Toronto that is close to my heart >> Hugh’s Room, Toronto's legendary music club, closed its doors suddenly and unexpectedly in January 2017 after 16 years of operation.  Many members of the music community and public have asked how they could help to save or revive the venue. Even the media (Toronto Star, Globe & Mail, Toronto Sun, Now, Exclaim, National Post, Jazz-FM, CBC, CTV, Global, insidetoronto.com, WholeNote, and many others) raised its voice in support. If you like live music, touring bands, discovering new artists please support Hugh's Room and keep live music alive. Here is the link to their funding site>> Hugh’s Room for the Performing Arts.

Carolyn Fe Blues Collective is hitting the road this month and a couple of interesting gigs are happening. First we start off at home, The House of Jazz (Montreal), then the FULL BAND is going to The Boxing Loft Social Club in Toronto. Yep! An actual boxing studio! We'll be playing our Blues in this out-of-the-box venue! We'll even play a few songs from our upcoming (yet, untitled) 4th album. Then we'll be headed for Ottawa to do a private House Concert. Come to think of it, how about hosting your own private concert in the comforts of your home? >> Contact me and I'll give you the details.
>> See you at the shows!