April 2017 - Rooting

April 28:  The roots keep digging deeper and deeper.  I've been asked to share my knowledge and experience of the stage and performing. For a moment, I asked myself if I could do it. Then thinking back from my roots as a contemporary dancer, choreographer, teacher...owning a school and managing a touring dance company, then fast forward to slightly more than 10 years ago; moving onto acting in the theatre, being in front of the camera (film & TV) and of course, the band. Yep, I think I got something to share...So stay tuned, I'll be announcing something interesting for you!

April 22: I am tired. I am not complaining. It's been a long day memorizing lines, doing a read for an upcoming project (and what an interesting script it is!), running back for the radio show and then a photo-shoot. This is the actor's life. It's not easy switching hats at a drop of a dime, but somehow I can still do it and I hope I'll be able to continue doing it for a long, long time. Tomorrow is another day and will be putting on my musician's hat. Those roots are digging deep.

April 17:
The ebb and the flow of it all, then Karma comes in. I posted on my FB page how sometimes, Karma is not a bitch. You reap what you sow. There were moments these past days when I was feeling so low about where my artsy work and efforts were taking me. Then it started happening. First it's a drip, drip, drip and then the faucet is turned on full blast.  People from my very distant and near past crossing my path once again.  Thanking me for things I've done in the past that touched their lives....and it's not just a simple thank you, it's payback in ways I've never expected. So much that my mind was blown!

Thank you so much for remembering. Thank you for the chatty lunches about art, music, theatre, film and the business of it all.  Thank you for the 4 scripts that I now have to study. Thank you for the acting roles that are not my stereotyped casting. Thank you for the opportunity to write a song for your film. Thank you for the gigs (past and upcoming).  Thank you for the collaborations coming up. Thank you to the silent sponsor for my radio show. Thank you for being my friend no matter how long we haven't seen each other.

One never knows how a simple act - a gesture that you didn't think was important, can affect someone's life immensely. A seed dropped, and the rooting continues.