October 2016 - The Ebb and Flow

October 1: It quite early in the morning. I'm in the hotel room in Toronto feeling ever so grateful that I couldn't sleep last night.  Yesterday, my acting agent had called me en route yesterday saying that I had booked a role in another American film that is to take place in Montreal in a month or so. What a high, considering that last month I got the callback from that French audition that I did and that tonight marks a reunion of me and my brothers in arms at Hugh's Room. It was four years ago today that I reached out to Toronto producer, Ross Robinson, and before you know it I became part of his musical family. Tonight is the Muddy and The Wolf Tribute at Hugh's Room. Most of the same folks will be there. Heavy weights of the music industry; Danny Marks, Mike "Shrimp Daddy" Reid, Dylan Wickens, Julian Fauth, Chuck D. Keeping, James Rasmussen, Douglas Watson. My radio show has been on now for at least 3 episodes and my station managers have told me that the  listener-ship is quite good and steady; that's all I can do. I've received comments and private messages of appreciation about the show. I will do all I can to keep the musical discoveries happening and promoting those who are unsung and on the side. So if you missed some episodes, they are right here >> Radio.  It's been a good few months, the ebb and flow of work, riding the waves when they come along and being quiet, doing what has to be done when they pull back. Isn't that the nature of things? Of life?