September 2017 - Saturn Returning Came and Went

September 9: Summer is coming to an end. I feel the cold winds coming. Abundance is in the air, as if someone flicked the switch and light flooded the room. It was a fun summer's end mini tour with my stage hubbies. Great sceneries, wonderful stages, little snags along the way but just enough to make me smile when the memory banks open. Then I had an intensive 4 days on set of the movie shoot of Auring's Words; written and directed by Tram-Anh Ngo, a heart-wrenching story of a grandmother (me) losing herself to dementia while watching over her grand daughter (who happens to be the daughter of an actress who played my daughter). Ouff!! Technically speaking, crying on cue take after take really takes its toll. But I am proud to say that this a lead role. Also a rarity is to have a crew made up of 90% women; to my fellow film/TV/theatre colleagues, you know how rare that is. Even more rare is the fact that the movie is bilingual (Tagalog-English). This would be my 2nd film project wherein I speak my native tongue, the first one was Ronzage by Simon Gionet. I love how the non-Filipino producers and directors of the projects were so open to the bilingualism of the film and to venture into a culture that they took the time to understand. I hope that there will be more projects like this. As I prepare for a 15 day acting gig that will start mid-month, Brandon, Oisin and I are going through the process of fine tuning the songs of the still untitled album. Once the songs are all set, then I can send over some tracks to the director who filmed the band's latest demo video, and who happened to be my director in Ronzage - Simon Gionet....and OH!! I've been nominated for an award, "Excellence in Music & Entertainment". It's called the Golden Balangay Awards: a Filipino-Canadian award that celebrates "role models" in all facets of society: business, music, arts, philanthropy, etc. across Canada. The awards are actually happening tonight, but alas I cannot be in Toronto as duty calls.
I'm tired. I'm not complaining. It's busy. It's good. Saturn Returning has come and gone.